Your portal to premium data driven leads, collected and curated based on your needs.

Our technology combines deep data hygiene, verification, and validation processes, greatly improving your contact and conversion performance.

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With our pre-qualified live lead services, you can improve profitability and customer service in real-time. Connect with high-quality prospects and boost your business’s success.

Live Leads

Inbound sales calls present a valuable opportunity to turn passive customer interest into active engagement.

By providing instant, customer-driven contact, you can significantly increase your closing percentage and drive sales. Let us help you turn curiosity into action.

Aged Leads

Aged leads can be a smart investment for businesses of any size. 

There are cost-effective ways to reach prospects who have expressed interest in your product or service through requests for calls or quotes. These leads have been carefully screened and have a history of successful conversions.

Mailing Lists

New to direct mail? The mailing list is the single most important part of your campaign.

Direct mail can provide a tangible, personal touch in a world where people have become incredibly busy and absorbed in digital print.

Email Lists

As you consider whether email marketing is the right channel for your business, it’s important to keep in mind that people are flooded with ads wherever they go.

When you send emails, you are a guest in someone’s inbox, so it’s crucial to have high-quality, compliant lists in order to stand out. This will help you get the most value from your email marketing efforts.

Phone Lists

Although digital channels are effective at driving engagement online, people still value the opportunity to communicate via phone.

When speaking with prospects over the phone, you have a limited amount of time to make a positive impression. Using premium, compliant phone lists can increase the likelihood of successful conversions.

Our Process

Boss Leads Live helps businesses connect with consumers in a personal way. Our premium leads and personalized customer acquisition process make it easy to build lasting relationships with customers.

This not only helps you acquire new customers, but also sets your company apart from the competition. When acquiring contact information, history, and habits, we follow strict opt-in TCPA, GDPR, and TSR standards.

This ensures that Boss Leads Live provides only the highest quality, verified, and responsive data.

Boss Leads Live reduces the digital noise by combining our first-party data with responsive, and compliant verified digital standards.

What you can expect

With our pre-qualified live lead services, you can improve profitability and customer service in real-time. Connect with high-quality prospects, and boost your business’s success.

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Looking for reliable leads? Our data is thoroughly verified and provides high contact rates. We also regularly update our processes to ensure that your leads are consistently easy to reach.


Using our proprietary technology, we are able to carefully select the best leads from a large pool of options. This ensures that you receive a high-quality, targeted product. Additionally, our leads are delivered quickly and in full compliance with TCPA regulations.


Our leads have a high conversion rate. Boss Live makes lead generation quick and easy. Our leads are targeted, easy to contact, and up-to-date.

Meet the team

Randy Winn

Randy Winn

Randy has procured decades of experience with large and small businesses alike. Along with a lifetime of entrepreneurship, Randy has played a crucial role in forging start-up organizations to the forefront of the nation’s most respected and trusted lead groups. He possesses an innate practical knowledge and understanding in the data world to help businesses grow.

Mr. Winn can be found growing Boss Leads on a daily basis by testing and discovering novel ways to use data for business customer acquisition. His focus drives expansion in verticals and application of products. Randy understands people create value, and focuses his efforts to develop a culture that empowers people to serve customers.

Tom Cutshall

Tom Cutshall

Tom is a sharp entrepreneur with a talent for closing. His innovative approach to business is just as apparent as his ease of creativity. Tom’s experience spans not only teaching or lecturing at Universities, but also reinventing products. Tom branded and trademarked the Voice-To-Data lead product in 2008, and has continued a track of domestic and international ventures in the performance marketing industry. Tom seems to attract success wherever he goes, building businesses from the ground up and transforming them into multi-million-dollar corporations.

Mr. Cutshall can be found testing and inventing new ways to drive game-changing results with marketing channels. He has a passion for leading private brand platforms to cultivate consumer engagements.

Casey Blake

Casey Blake

Casey’s experience spans nine years of dedicated work in digital marketing, serving clients in the insurance verticals. Mr. Blake spent his most recent stint building out the lead gen division in the senior insurance space. Landing several national carriers, he helped them build and scale their performance marketing efforts while meeting or exceeding key metrics to their respective businesses.

Drawing on his experience in digital marketing, Casey now focuses mainly on building out owned and operated media for a range while creating value added business opportunities for its clients.

Mr. Blake is now on the cutting edge of lead generation with Boss Leads Live. Here, he will be tasked with leveraging first-party data to create a better customer experience when it comes to high intent purchases. In conjunction, he will look to lean on previous experience to create more enterprise value for all Boss Lead Live clients.

Antonio Vitale

Antonio Vitale

Mr. Vitale’s experience spans 25 years in sales and marketing, with main focus in performance marketing, for over a decade. As an entrepreneur, Antonio observes market changes to better understand potential opportunities for future growth.

As a managing partner, Mr. Vitale will continue to focus on quality over quantity, by using state-of-the-art technology that drives KPI while being fully compliant.

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